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Who We Are

Dr. Emily Gutierrez is the chief scientific medical liaison and formulator for Neuro Nutrients and has over a decade of clinical experience managing patients in her busy practice with Neuronutrition Associates, one of the first pediatric focused functional medicine practices opened in the United States. Dr. Gutierrez received her doctorate from Johns Hopkins University with a focus in translational medicine as a doctor of nursing practice. She received her masters degree from the University of Texas at Austin and is board certified as a pediatric nurse practitioner. Dr. Gutierrez is also board certified through the Institute of Functional Medicine, board certified as a clinical nutritionist, and board certified as a primary care mental health specialist. In addition to actively managing patients in her private practice in Austin, Texas, she also is adjunct faculty at Johns Hopkins University where she lectures on integrative and functional medicine. Dr. Gutierrez has published in the peer reviewed literature multiple times, however one of her favorite accomplishments was publishing the first chapter on integrative and functional medicine in a textbook for primary care providers. Dr. Gutierrez continues to be an active researcher, writer, and speaker, and her passion for formulating science based nutrient compounds that met the strictest standards of quality and efficacy continue to be her favorite tool in managing patients.

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