Attention Support

Promotes Focus & Concentration

“Addressing Focus Naturally”

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Product Overview

Attention Support is a a powerful combination of evidence based nutraceuticals that have demonstrated efficacy in enhancing neurotransmitters that promote attention and focus in children and adults. This blend of bioactive B vitamins, calming minerals, phospholipids, and herbs is a natural choice to enhancing mental clarity, cognitive processing, and assisting in staying on task.

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Clinical Applications:

  • • Supports focus and attention
  • • Enhances executive function and cognitive processing
  • • Supports optimal neurotransmission
  • • Supports a healthy mood
  • • Supports mental clarity and energy
  • • Promotes an alert and calm nervous system
  • • Supports optimizing known nutrient deficiencies in those with attention disorders

Serving size: 3 capsules per serving (in size 0 capsules): Directions: Ages 6-8 years take 2 capsules daily, 9-13 years take 3 capsules daily, 14+ years take 4 capsules. Take with food.


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Zaffronel® is a standardized saffron extract., 2.0% Safranal, 2.5% Crocin, and 3.0% Picrocrocin, is grown and manufactured in Spain, using a proprietary method to ensure the highest quality extraction and standardization, of the the sargol stigmas from the Crocus Sativus L. Plant.

Product Details

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Warning: Contact your physician or medical provider prior to use


Can I take this if I am breast feeding or pregnant?

No, we do not recommend breast feeding or pregnant mothers take this formulation.

If I test my blood levels of the B vitamins and they are high, should I stop the supplement?

The ingredients in the supplement do not exceed the upper tolerable limits (matched for age) if they are established and listed from the National Institute of Health, Office of Dietary Supplements. High serum B vitamin levels do not infer the B vitamins are high within the cells, or in the brain. They are water soluble and you will urinate out what you are not using.

How long does it take for this formula to be effective?

Most of the ingredients in this formulation have evidence that you need a minimum of 6 weeks to see a reduction in inattention and mood disturbances.

Can I open and mix these capsules in food or drink if I cannot swallow them?

Yes. You can open and dump the capsules and mix in whatever is easiest to ingest. See our information on ways to help take supplements if you cannot swallow pills here.

Do you have to take this all the time for it to work?

There are no side effects or withdraws from skipping doses, the formulation will just likely not work as well to support mood and attention as if it is take on a consistent basis.

Can I take this supplement if I am taking other prescription medications?

Prescription medications can have interactions with nutraceuticals. It is plausible that adding Attention Support to a psychiatric medication such as an SSRI may help improve the medication efficacy and demonstrate additional therapeutic effects. However, as always, please discuss this option with your healthcare provider to receive an individualized recommendation.

Can I take Attention Support if am already take attention medication?

Yes, in fact, there have been clinical trials supporting zinc as a adjunct therapy for those children who take stimulant medication, as it helped increase the medication efficacy, and in some cases, helped reduce the daily medication dosage needed to treat. Please discuss this option with your healthcare provider.

Will this supplement make you drowsy, anxious, or disturb your sleep?

No, unlike prescription medications for attention disorders that can have both of these side effects (drowsiness with nonstimulant medication) and anxiety and disturbed sleep (with stimulant medication) this combination of nutraceuticals should be well tolerated with no known side effects.