Complete Methylation Support

Bioactive B Vitamins 

“Small and easy to swallow capsules”

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Product Overview

Easy to swallow capsules designed to support healthy function of the nervous system, cardiovascular system, growth and development in children, and balance of healthy biochemistry. The blend of ingredients in this product are specifically designed in therapeutic amounts, based on peer reviewed clinical evidence, and years of clinical experience, to promote and enhance optimal health, development, and methylation.

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Clinical Applications:

  • Promotes a healthy mood and reduction in depressive symptoms
  • Supports growth, speech, and language development in children
  • Enhances cognitive function and memory
  • Promotes healthy gene regulation and DNA repair
  • Enhances antidepressant medication efficacy
  • Supports clearance of toxic high levels of homocysteine
  • Promotes healthy cardiovascular function

Directions: Take 1-2 capsules daily or as directed by your health care provider


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Product Details

Our label has recently changed. The FDA requires all forms of the same nutrient (such as our folate) to be listed on one line, instead of 2. The folate is still the same, in the form of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (methyl folate) at 3mg, and folinic acid (not to be confused with synthetic folic acid) at 2mg per capsule. We have also enhanced our form of B6 in our formulation, to now include the most bioactive form, pyridoxal 5-phosphate (P5P).

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Warning: Contact your physician or medical provider prior to use


What is Methylation?

Methylation takes place approximately one billion times per second and affects nearly every essential process in the body. Methylation is the process of our bodies breaking down substances to build other bioactive compounds that are needed as co factors for various physiological processes. For example, the folates we eat from plants, called dihydrofolates, have to be methylated into methyl folate (L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate) for our bodies to use it in the process of creating neurotransmitters.

If I take B vitamins at night, will this keep me up, or disturb my sleep?

In general, taking B vitamins only have a stimulating effect if you are very deficient in them. Over time, when you replace B’s on a consistent basis, many patients can take them right before bed without any concerns with feeling too activated or energized.

Can a child take this supplement?

Complete Methylation Support was especially designed with growing children in mind. Children who are growing have a high need for active B vitamins, and it supports their growth and development in many beneficial ways.

Should I test my B vitamin levels before taking this supplement?

While many providers test B vitamin levels, they can be misleading if you don’t have a very detailed knowledge on how they are absorbed biochemically within the body. There are multiple mechanisms B vitamins are absorbed in the body, based on your gut, your genetics, and more. A high level of a B vitamin in the blood does not mean that it is necessarily high in body or the brain. The bottom line is if you start to replace B’s, your levels should rise, and often above “normal limits”. However, B vitamins are water soluble, so you urinate out what you don’t use, and testing them has their limitations. Please consult your health care provider for a more individualized recommendation.

Why are there two forms of folate in this supplement?

The forms of folate included in Complete Methylation Support are both reduced, or methylated forms. Folinic acid plays a critical role in repairing DNA, which is critical for everyone, especially growing children. L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate (or methyl folate) is the most broken down form of folate, and highly absorbed in the nervous system.

Why are there two forms of B-12 in this supplement?

We chose two types of B12 for Complete Methylation Support due to their unique functions. Hydroxycobalamin binds to transcobalamins, enhancing transport to tissues, which can be especially helpful in those with genetic transport mutations. Methylcobalamin is the most active form of B12 and does not have to be broken down in the body to be used by the nervous system.

Will this supplement help reduce my homocysteine?

Yes, taking Complete Methylation Support should reduce high homocysteine levels, as the ingredients were designed to help reduce and recycle amino acids along the methylation biochemical pathways, optimizing methylation in general. Tracking homocysteine levels with your provider is recommended, as some patients need double double or triple the dose to accomplish a reduction in high homocysteine.

If I have MTHFR or other genetic methylation mutations, will this supplement help?

In general, for those with methylation concerns from genetic mutations, replacing B12, folate, B2, and B6 is sufficient to help support the body’s methylation process. Complete Methylation Support contains all of these ingredients.